3D Poker Training - Event

The 3D Difference

The 3D Difference An enigma in and of itself, poker is a game shrouded in mystery. Every hand is as unique as the one before, and different than the one to follow. UNIQUE. Every single situation is its own math equation, psychological puzzle, and game of wills. How does a poker player adapt and develop their own personal style to be as unique as the game itself? The way you think is completely different than anyone else on the planet. Why not further develop your own style to be as multidimensional as this labyrinth we call poker. At 3D training, instead of using generic poker hands we use interactive questions and your own personal examples of hands that you have played. Every viewpoint will be explored and debated. Perspectives of all students in attendance will constantly be utilized in discussions to come to real time conclusions that fit each person's unique methodology. Emphasis will be placed on the analytical process, not on the result of the process. Each camp will offer interactions on a high level of infamous poker personalities.